Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some "Contender," Some Promotional Tactics, Some Favorites And Some Not

Busy 60+ hour work week for me, sleepy week for boxing. Please find below a series of exceedingly quick, random thoughts (and, apologies -- not much background for the uninitiated to follow along, unless you click the links):

  • So much for making Kelly Pavlik the Thomas Hearns to your Sugar Ray Leonard, Sergio Mora. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, huh?
  • Keeping on the "Contender" tip -- I can't blame Alfonso Gomez for having a rough time with Ben Tackie. He gives everyone a rough time.
  • Welcome back to the win column, Vic Darchinyan. I know it's philosophically inconsistent to dig Darchinyan but not Mora, but weird hard-punching Armenian assholes amuse me.
  • It's looking more and more like we're going to get Juan Manuel Marquez-Manny Pacquiao II at 130 lbs. There's hardly a fight I could want to see more.
  • On the down side, how in the world it is a good thing for boxing to schedule Pacquiao's next fight on HBO the same night as Israel Vasquez-Rafael Marquez III? Super-lame.
  • First Miguel Cotto, then Antonio Margarito, now Pavlik -- throwing out a pitch at a baseball game is a nice, new boxing promotion fad.
  • That whole "Dancing With The Stars" gig worked out as well for Floyd Mayweather as it could; he gets publicity but gets kicked off in time to focus pretty well on Ricky Hatton.
  • Once more into the "Contender" world -- I'd like to see Peter Manfredo and Jeff Lacy get it on. I like Lacy in that one, but I like it even better for his profile.
  • Comcast blows, so I wasn't able to catch the replay through the static, but I'm glad Dmitri Kirilov won a title last weekend. I thought he did against Luis Perez, but the judges didn't.

Mona Shaw is my new hero. I totally agree.


Tim -- said...

Couple administrative notes, because while I hate it when people apologize for not posting much, it's kind of necessary in some ways. I'll just do it in the comments:
1. I'm committed to blogging twice a week no matter how busy I am. There's nothing that bothers me more than liking someone's blog and them suddenly abandoning it or only posting very sporadically.
2. I didn't post this particular blog on Sunday; I posted it on Saturday. In order to get listed on dcblogs, I had to change my timezone setup, owing to some strange technicalities. In other words, I succeeded in posting twice this week, one of my busiest at work in months.

BOB said...

I am happy that Floyd can now concentrate on the Hatton fight...I was getting really worried.

dammrod said...

The thing that keeps me coming back to Seven Punch is the consistently great posts. Good to see you back.

bob: I wished Floyd was still on that show. Now when I watch Dancing With The Stars, what will be my excuse? I like seeing the ladies perhaps?

Tim -- said...

Thanks for the compliment Dammrod, but I'm going to have to side with Bob on this one. I gather your wish is farcical, but if not, may I recommend not watching so you don't have to make an excuse...?

beetqueen said...

I was wondering what the hell you were doing posting at 3:30 am. That's not all that long before I get up in the morning and how anyone can have coherant thoughts at that hour is beyond me.