Friday, October 5, 2007

A Little Gem

I just witnessed a terrific tussle between tiny pugilists Fernando Montiel and Luis Melendez for Montiel's super-flyweight (115 lbs.) belt. Versus, which aired it, replays the hell out of their fights, so you'll probably get a chance to see it soon just by channel-surfing. But here's a quick summary if you don't care to:

Second round, Melendez stuns Montiel. Close back and forth for a while. Sixth round, Montiel decks Melendez literally as the bell rings, and when Melendez gets up, Montiel puts his arm around him and walks him back to Melendez' corner, both smiling. Within the first minute of the seventh, Melendez now decks Montiel. He's badly hurt but survives the round. In the eighth Montiel buzzes Melendez, nearly decking him again. Montiel begins to take over but the toll of the fight is that his face is practically mush. Montiel KO's Melendez in the 12th with but a minute left. Ring announcer Michael Buffer declares that the crowd should give a round of applause for "a magnificent title fight." They do.

That is all.


Dammrod said...

It's ironic that the lighter weight fighters often deliver the best fights, but the general public will ignore them and give more attention to a weaker heavyweight division. If only people were willing to give these pint-sized brawlers a chance then they would realize that they can get a lot more bang for the buck then they'll usually get from the big men.

BOB said...

Damn I don't have Versus...maybe i can find of the internet

Tim -- said...

Dammrod: I think it has a lot to do with the options 6'5" guys have to them athletically versus the options 5'4" guys have to them athletically. It's an old story, of course, but a would-be heavyweight champ is probably in the NFL right now. If you're smaller, boxing is an option where basketball isn't.

Bob: I was looking for it for you, but couldn't find it. It'll probably pop up on YouTube at some point.