Saturday, December 1, 2007

Seven Punch Combo Author Moving On, Sort Of

I know I said I'd give you Part II of my Mayweather/Hatton preview Monday, and I still will: Just elsewhere.

I've accepted a blogging gig over at Here's my inaugural, introductory post. (An ambitious young lad started it, and it's already had some serious success. Here's a link to some articles about mvn.)

I'll do the vast majority of my boxing blogging over at mvn. But I still plan to keep Seven Punch Combo around in a limited form. I'll post once a week -- Sundays, I expect -- on the week in boxing. I'll also probably add a couple more features along the side, like a pound for pound list.

To everyone who's stopped by, I thank you, and a special thanks to those I've had such fun dialog with. I hope you'll follow me over to mvn, and still visit this space once a week.

I'll be seeing where this all goes.


Kitchen said...

Wowee! Congratulations!

Tim -- said...

Thank you, kind sir.

beetqueen said...

Even though I know nothing about boxing so following you to a boxing site will no doubt be really confusing for me, I am very proud of you! Great writing, even if I don't get it, is still great writing.

Tim -- said...

Thanks yon beetqueen.