Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Flattered, Really, But Word Is,They're Fakes

A number of people I've managed to lure into reading my meager boxing musings have approached me for my thoughts on the photos circulating on the web that depict a cross-dressing Oscar De La Hoya. On one level, I didn't quite know what to say to them, or anyone, really. I didn't want to get into the politics of cross-dressing. I had no evidence the pictures were authentic. And even if I could've overcome those obstacles, what unique insights might I have into boxing's sole remaining superstar enjoying the fishnets? That it was a bad strategic move, given that rabid Mexican boxing fans already frowned at De La Hoya for his perceived deficit of machismo? That it was somehow related to, or practice for, his bet with Sugar Ray Leonard, which I wrote about here? I'd opted merely to send a couple people the link to what I'd written about De La Hoya wearing a dress for his bet. That post, in and of itself, contained a link to a previous post discussing the issue of De La Hoya wearing a dress.

(It occurs to me I've devoted a strange amount of space on my blog so far to De La Hoya dressing as a woman. As I write, this phenomenon is only becoming more pronounced.)

It turns out I was wise not to post until now. De La Hoya's agent tells Radar the pictures are phony. I believe him. Until I see definitive proof otherwise. But, really, when I look at them -- and I only looked at one or two before I felt like I'd gotten the gist -- the angles on his head and other potential indicators of fakeness suggest to me, a purely amateur judge of fake photos, that they are, indeed, lies.

So: I trust that sates everyone's curiosity. For now. In the meantime, thanks for thinking of me. I swear to do you justice when next you throw me a promising lead.

And I won't post a suspected fake picture of De La Hoya in drag after this sentence.


Dammrod said...

Normally I don't watch the gossip shows. Shows like E.T. or Access Hollywood, but I perked up and paid attention when they mentioned Oscar in drag. Apparently an exotic dancer has come forward claiming to be the woman who took those photos of Oscar de la Hoya. She claims that Oscar paid her to dress up like a man and ride a motorcycle with him clinging to the back in woman's clothing. This came out after Oscar's attorney said they were fakes. Honestly, I don't know. They do look fake, with Oscar's face conveniently centered and facing directly at the camera in every photo, and this exotic dancer could very well be trolling for attention.

Anyways, I'll be expecting a million "Golden Boy? More like Golden Girl!" jokes in the ensuing weeks.

Tim -- said...

I left myself just enough wiggle room in case more evidence surfaces. I wasn't previously aware of the exotic dancer who came forward. Still waiting on the smoking gun.

The motorcycle anecdote is kinda entertaining, true or no.